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At Digital Compass, we are obsessed with conversion rate and optimisation. We can help you with cost efficient marketing approach to nourish your business.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) helps your business grow naturally without having to pay Google or other search engine companies anything for marketing. It’s all about ensuring you have quality content and are following search engine’s guide lines.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media used to be the things for the kids in the past. But now, social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and many other platforms are forces that are flipping the digital marketing world on it’s head. You will be surprised how much your business can get value out of it.

Google Adwords

Google Ads can help your business get quick and targeted traffic with significantly lower cost compared to the traditional marketing platforms such as newspapers, TV or radios. Let’s start a new campaign.

Analytics and Tracking

At Digital Compass to better understand the way consumers search your channels and what they are looking for, we use professionally built software to track their moves. You will never miss a click.

Facebook Campaigns

We focus on user engagement and helping your audience feel more emotionally connected to your content. Get more likes, let your customers find you globally and on their finger tips..

Email Marketing

Email marketing offers opportunities and return on investment for your business. We can schedule to send your special offers, promotions, invitations directly to your customer’s mail box. re-engaging your existing customers or website visitors.

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